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Welcome! This web contains some tools and results of my scientific work.

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Academic degrees

PhD (Dr. rer. nat.): TH Darmstadt (Germany), 1975
Habilitation: TH Darmstadt (Germany), 1992

Present and recent activities

Consultant of the OECD Nuclear-Energy Agency
Participation in several technical meetings of the IAEA, Vienna


My research interests are: Heavy-ion fusion, nuclear fission, spallation reactions, mathematical statistics, dissipation, nuclear mean field, nuclear structure, problem of radioactive waste, nuclear models, nuclear level density, magnetic spectrometers, astrophysics


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Author of this web is Dr. Karl-Heinz Schmidt, Rheinstraße 4, D-64390 Erzhausen
Tel. +49 6150 82314, e-mail: kh-schmidt-erzhausen (at)
mobile phone and SMS: +49 175 839 1981
(Adresse der elektronischen Post gemaess §6 TEG: SMS an 0175 839 1981)